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Believe, Become, Be

Helping You Build Inner Resilience.

  • Are you an Emerging Talent with untapped and unrecognised potential?
  • Are you ready to embark on a new and exciting phase in your life?
  • Are you ready to gain powerful insights about yourself that will deliver positive change?

Coaching For Leadership and Development

Creidim means “believe” in Irish. My philosophy is that coaching and mentoring should not instruct, rather it should offer a framework for change through support and challenge.

Coaching goes beyond the business world into all facets of life. It’s only by believing in ourselves that we can have the  confidence to be our very best and true self.

I work on a one-to-one basis with clients across all industries, skill-sets and levels within organisations. The  coaching may be commissioned on a private business, or be commissioned by a business. Whichever route, the need is always specific and unique to the individual.

Before providing a proposal, I offer an initial complimentary conversation to get to know more about you and your coaching needs, and for you to learn more about me and my coaching style. The “fit” between Coach and Client is extremely important. 

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About Me

I’m Michelle Sullivan.
After almost three decades in corporate life, managing Sales and Account Management Teams, and having benefited from coaching myself, I decided to follow my passion to be a Coach. I hold a Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching from Henley Business School, an Accreditation in Executive Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching, and am a member of the International Coaching Federation.


"Aim high... and remove the limits you set on yourself."

Tori James, Mountaineer

"Aim high... and remove the limits you set on yourself."

Tori James, Mountaineer

When the world seems too big, and the journey too long, every one of us has the potential to overcome and succeed.

Topics I Discuss



The driving force to help you achieve your goals and needs.



Looking at what you want to achieve both personally and professionally, short, medium and long term.



Building the journey to achieve your Vision.



Helping identify your leadership qualities in order to achieve your  potential.



Silencing the Inner Critic, identifying and managing the thoughts and habits that stop your goals and needs being achieved.



Understanding your character, thoughts and feelings, and the role they play.



Creating the belief and positive regard for yourself, and your ability to succeed.


Life Skills

Integrating all of the above to provide a strong framework for ongoing personal development and success.


What Clients Are Saying

A great listener, an inspiring coach and someone who always provides innovative ideas to overcome career, or business challenges. Michelle has been my coach since 2020, her style and approach immediately put me at ease. Supporting my leadership and management development, guiding me through various line management challenges, Michelle helped boost my self-confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking that trusted person to talk to, bounce ideas off, and seek guidance from. Michelle is a star!

Alison McIntyre
PMO Manager

When we first met, I was ambitious but directionless. Michelle Listened to me, understood my goals, strengths and development areas, and helped me realise what steps I needed to take in order to progress quickly. Since meeting with Michelle, I have achieved two promotions in two years, grown in confidence and developed a much clearer plan for future progression. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough

Stephen Richardson
corporate account manager

Michelle has coached and mentored me for the last 2 years during my role as Team Leader. She really listened to me and quickly drew out the areas I needed to work on. I particularly like her open and honest approach, she enabled me to speak freely and without judgement. She provided guidance where necessary, but always encouraged and empowered me to think and make decisions for myself. I have a lot to thank Michelle for in achieving a recent promotion within the business, and the skills she has taught me I will continue to use forever

Laura Webster
Account executive